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Everything Potatoes, Inc. (EP) is a family-owned-and-operated company, dedicated to providing the absolute BEST in organic seed and fresh potatoes! Our confidence is growing - raising the bar for gourmet, chef quality organic potato varieties. Nutrition, low-sugars and flavor are on our radar! The 2016 growing season in Donnelly, Idaho was perfect for NO inputs, other than what Mother Earth and the seed tubers provided. For seed, fresh, or professional potato consulting, EP, Inc. wants to be the bridge to better quality for the consumer. We have a passion for what you put in your tummy!

EP, Inc. works with a team of potato experts, equipped with knowledge of every aspect of the potato industry. These experts happen to be long-time friends and family.

“Jeff and I are extremely lucky, and blessed, to have them in our life!”

Sandy Bragg

“...​to date the tubers from you are far nicer in appearance over all than those”

Geoffrey Pomeroy


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  • “...to date the tubers from you are far nicer in appearance over all than those from most other sources.  congratulations on doing such an outstanding job!”


    ​Geoffrey Pomeroy


  • “I got my French Fingerling seed potatoes from these folks…very nice to do business with.http://everythingpotatoes.com/seed-varieties


    Ann Ryder


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